Fleet control

Knowing where coaches are and have been at all times, knowing where delays are on the road, knowing that drivers respect the speed of the road and having assessment of ride quality is essential to the quality of the service.

Almost all of our fleet has control system and fleet management Webfleet® , the Dutch multinational TomTom ® . This system allows us to monitor at all times the position of the vehicles and also gives us a valuable amount of parameters of the service, driving and driver combined data of particular value from them. Both from the control centre and from any PC, tablet or authorized mobile phone our staff can view the positions and velocities of the vehicles to inform and coordinate.

Main view displaying all the active vehiclesMain view displaying all the active vehicles

The advanced solution that our company has been implementing on the fleet gradually in recent years allows us to evaluate both the retail and consumer operating parameters of the vehicle and the driving pattern of our drivers, being able to detect abnormal movements of the vehicle such as braking, harsh steering, acceleration, etc.

The system is designed to detect and assess the traffic and also assess where the buses may or may not get to according to their size and weight.

One car view, displaying it's route and visual indications of velocity and other issuesOne car view, displaying it's route and visual indications of velocity and other issues

We have a lot of reports that show different perspectives of the behaviour of vehicles and how our employees carry out your service. In case of any abnormal situation occurring while driving, the system generates an incident that comes nearly on real-time to our centre.

Main OptiDrive view, with a summary of the driver's driving parametersMain OptiDrive view, with a summary of the driver's driving parameters

With the OptiDrive ® reports system, we get detailed reports, on a daily basis, from driver to driver, aggregate trends or specific data, with the level of detail that concerns us at all times ensuring its continuous improvement.

If you need to know the position of vehicles to coordinate the movement of groups and their punctuality, ask us for a code to be able to access it from your phone, tablet or PC. If you have to present or you have received a complaint or incident and you need a report with the times and route, ask for it at no extra cost from our quality department.

One driver driving parameters viewOne driver driving parameters view

You can ask for more information about this service by getting in touch with our sales department.