Our philosophy: the Motto

Passenger transport presents a great demand. When you take care not onlyof your own children but also your friends’, you have to have the maximum consideration and diligence in all aspects. Our job is to make sure that we do everything we can on our part so that this experience is always pleasant and safe, also providing elements that differentiate us from many of our competitors. Elements that you may not know that have different qualities, but we are convinced that they are vital to the successful attainment of our service and to minimize the inherent risk that going out on the road has.

1.- No speeding

We are at your disposal unrestricted by a schedule. You decide what time you leave and what time you return without any conditions on you in any way in order to adapt to your needs as required. We do not want to be in a hurry. In addition, the tracking system monitors the vehicle at any time, checking if the driver adjusts to the speed of the road or whether he makes sudden movements with the steering wheel or brakes.

2.- Approved belts.

We take security measures seriously, we are not just filling forms. Our belts are certified, which means that they hold effectively to the seat and that both the anchors and the seats are calculated to withstand. You may ask us for the provider’s certificate which accredits this.

3.- Drivers certified as «worthy».

Did you know that the driver who drives your children may not have taken any medical check-ups in years? Our drivers go through an annual medical review by the Medical Mutual Society Of Occupational Risk Of Accidents. If a driver chooses not to take it, he does not drive. Always ask for the fitness certificate of the driver. Too many companies are sparing the review, accepting a piece of paper where the driver chooses not to take it.

4.- Professional drivers within the Law.

Our company has 1.2 registered drivers per bus. Most of them are experienced drivers on permanent contracts. Unfortunately, on a daily basis, we see deals from companies which have very few drivers on full contracts or in insecure employment conditions. They are cheaper, but at what cost?

5.- Maintenance

Our vehicles are reviewed according to the requirements of their make. Our garage has passed the requirements of the Iveco manufacturer and has received authorized garage status, thus ensuring the maintenance and repair of the coaches that are at your disposal. If you are offered to save 30€ for a day trip, 55 cents per child, make sure, beforehand, that these savings are not being taken from where they cannot be cut from. Compare companies and keep in mind that nobody does miracles with the costs. If someone is much cheaper than us then something is wrong.

If you would like to know more on this theme, please contact our Quality Department.